About Us

Welcome to Bad Penny Customs! We are an exciting Australian business (based in Perth) that specialises in customising and supplying parts for metric cruisers. We are able to supply parts and accessories from the worlds best manufacturers for your metric cruiser. Not only do we serve the metric cruiser market but we can also source custom parts and accessories for Harley Davidson and other brands.

Bad Penny Customs was started in 2008 due to the frustration of the cost of parts and what was available in Australian for metric bikes. We were also sick of the attitude that was given to metric owners by certain shops that cater to American bikes. Since 2008 we have kept on expanding range and are able to bring to the Australian market place some of the world best products and world wide competitive prices. Just because our prices are low doesn't mean the quality of the parts or service is low. In fact, we only deal with quality parts & accessories that will do the job and we strive to make every client's purchasing experience a great one. Every time.

Bad Penny Customs provides a complete service to our customers from help on concepts, product selection to fabrication through to installation. We can even help you find a suitable new or second hand bike to start your new project! Whether your making your bike a bit more personal or tricking it out for show, we can help.

The foundation of our business is:
- Quality - Superior products and service.
- Innovation - Providing new products, services and solutions to suit our clients.
- Respect - For all customers regardless of the brand of bike they ride.
- Realistic Pricing - Providing quality products and services at realistic and fair prices.

Bad Penny Customs has forged relationships with some of the leading manufacturers, fabricators and customisers in the cruiser world. Working with our national and international partners, Bad Penny Customs has access to the latest and best cruiser products as well as a vast knowledge base. We've supplied and fitted parts and customised VTX1800s, M109Rs, C90s, VN800 & 900s, Meanstreaks, Nightrains to name but a few.

Doesn't matter if it's for a Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph or Harley Davidson. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Note. Bad Penny Customs is in no way connected to or affiliated with the 'Bad Penny Social Club, Inc'. We extend the hand of friendship to all clubs and will provide assistance to them in dissemination of information (such as ride dates etc) or links to their websites. Bad Penny Customs does this as a service to all riders in the Australian motorcycle community.
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